Picasso Workshop Series

Pablo Picasso Workshop Series and Image Lab

a Rag and Bone collaboration

Inspired by the exhibition at the Gagosian Gallery in 2009, adapter and director Daniel Balkin began in 2010 to research Picasso’s methods and mindset in his late work:

The laboratory work in which Picasso analyses, dissects and recomposes his subject lend him an extraordinary freedom, enthusiasm, and the licence to manipulate his figures as he chooses… an “image laboratory”… to think of his work as a whole rather than a succession of single paintings.  What interests him  here is what goes on between one version and the next, the modifications, the metamorphoses, the comings and goings, the constant factors.

(Late Picasso, The Tate Gallery)

In a series of workshops, Rag and Bone Theater Company has begun exploring, through Viewpoints and Compositional exercises, how Picasso’s methods of “quoting” his idols (Rembrandt, Matisse, Poussin) can translate into the medium of theater.  Through character exploration, stage picture evolution, and the physical manifestation of the artistic process, we will enter Picasso’s world of the Artist and Model, the Studio, the Embrace, and the Bullfighter.  And yet, in the end, we will have found something that was created by the ensemble, and which is seen wholly through our own lens; A Rag and Bone ensemble creation, inspired by the late work of Pablo Picasso.