Gin & Jazz

Gin & Jazz

Inspired by the tales of F. Scott Fitzgerald

adapted and directed by Dan Balkin

Featuring: David Jenkins, Katie Stults, Abdel Gonzalez, Kristy Powers, Leif Steinert, Travis Kendrick, Ava Mihaljevich, Laura Lee Swanson, and The Offshore Pirates Jazz Band; costumes by Luke Brown

Inspired by the dance, music and writing of the 1920’s, with text drawn directly from Fitzgerald’s original short stories and a four-piece jazz band led by Sekei Ishizuka playing all through the night, this boozy evening styled after a Gatsby West Egg party wove together tales of wild, irresponsible young love and bittersweet loss.

Presented at  the A brazo Gallery in the CSV Cultural Center on the Lower East Side over four hot nights in July, 2010, ‘Gin & Jazz’ brought champagne and a solid dose of Jazz Age revelry to crowded audiences at every performance.

About the Adaptation

In adapting F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Tales of the Jazz Age for the theater, I found I kept running into characters who drank and smoked and kissed in reckless defiance of what was regarded as proper behavior.  Eventually, however, these flappers and philosophers truly do long for more out of living.  Ardita Farnam realized once upon a time that all life is just a progression toward, and recession from, one phrase – I love you.  Even in the midst of the chatter and laughter and yellow-cocktail music of our host’s party, once those words are spoken our Jazz Babies are changed.  Who knows if even Jim Powell, King of the Jellybeans, can continue to spend his life conjugating the verb to idle in the first person singular – I am idling, I have idled, I will idle.

– Daniel Balkin